MDaemon: Can anyone help me with mail forwards?

MDaemon: Can anyone help me with mail forwards?

Post by Paul Sincla » Thu, 18 Jun 1998 04:00:00

I've been using SLMail at a company and now am in a new situation
where I need to configure an MDaemon mail server V2.73. The issue I'm
struggling with:

I have a couple of domains that I need to set up forwarding for. But
the users all have different ISP's where their mail needs to be
forwarded to. For example, suppose a domain named The users
might need mail forwarded as follows:

I can't figure out how this is accomplished in MDaemon. In SLMail you
just set up a "secondary domain", then in that secondary domain you
can set up as many users as you like as mail forwards. Each user in
the secondary domain can have whatever forwarding address you assign
to it.

In MDaemon, it looks like you can only forward mail under two
scenarios: (1) set up a user account for the primary domain and
forward that user mail to another address; or (2) set up a gateway
domain and forward all mail addressed for any user within that domain
to ONE ISP. Neither of these works for my situation.

Is there a way to accomplish what I'm trying to do under MDaemon that
you know of? I assume there is, and that it is quite simple. But I am
just not seeing the forest through the trees here I am afraid. I have
looked through the documentation, but I have to say it leaves
something to be desired!

Thanks for any help.

Paul Sinclair


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