died on signal 11 ?? help!

died on signal 11 ?? help!

Post by Irene ah » Fri, 22 Jan 1999 04:00:00

Hi all,

Please tell me what mean the below messages on the var/log/syslog and

inetd[58]: /usr/sbin/nmbd: exit status 0x1
last message repeated 11 times {many times}
inted[..]: execv /usr/sbin/nmbd: No such file or directory

Quote:>what is nmbd? how to use??

pppd[..]: CCP: timeout send...
pppd[..]: LCP: timeout send...
pppd[..]: IPCP: timeout send...

Quote:>what is CCP, LCP, IPCP?

sendmail[..]: NOQUENE: SYSERR(root): SMTP-MAIL: died on signal 11
Quote:>Major problem, all clients can not send email by this linux (smtp server)