cannot send or receive audio in netmeeting for windows 2000

cannot send or receive audio in netmeeting for windows 2000

Post by sanke » Thu, 30 May 2002 06:11:26

  I am using netmeeting between two windows 2k workstations,i am not
able to send or receive audio between those computers,speaker and mic
are working fine in both PCs,I can even chat and send files but i
cannot send and also cannot receive audio.I will be grateful if
someone could help me.

1. Netmeeting 3.01 on Windows 2000 RC1, Audio codec for 723.1?

Does anybody know how to get NetMeeting 3.01 on Windows 2000 Prof. RC1 to
use the Audio Codec for G723.1?

NetMeeting 3.01 was installed by default with Win 2000 RC1.  In the advanced
audio options it appears to only have G.711 u-Law, G.711 a-Law, and MS
ADPCM.  I am working with voice over IP gateways using H.323 on low data
rate networks, and need to use the G.723.1 audio codec.  When I install NM
3.01 on Windows NT 4 Workstation, the G723.1 codec is installed, available,
and used as the default.

Please Help!
Steve Dellutri

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