compose works, reply/forward fail

compose works, reply/forward fail

Post by Bill Hunte » Sun, 28 Jul 2002 06:22:10

> I am running PCPine 4.44 on WindowsXP. It had been fine for months, but
> lately I cannot forward or reply to messages. It hangs, and gives me the
> error:

> 421 SMTP connection went away!

> I also get this when I compose a new message with *any* kind of
> attachment.

> I want to say "nothing has changed" that I know of, but this is
> WindowsXP so it is possible it did something 'for me'...

I have figured out the problem and it was my PPPoE driver that came with
WindowsXP. Apparently this is quite common for some reason with PPPoE on
DSL. The fix was to install an unbundled RASPPPoE. It was not a pine
problem at all, but that was where it manifested itself. I guess the
original PPPoE can handle incredibly small data, and that is why newly
composed messages seemed to work.