Need help quick

Need help quick

Post by John V » Tue, 04 Apr 2000 04:00:00


We have a user having problem with Pine 3.96.

Everytime he sends out a message, it would take a few minutes to send,
it acts like he
is sending a multi-megabyte message.

Here is what I get in my Unix host for him.


  mradow 23698 23205  2 12:07:19 ?        0:00 pine -i
  mradow 23699 23698 80 12:07:19 ?        0:02 /usr/lib/sendmail -bs
-odb -oem
  mradow 23166 20823149 12:01:56 pts/6    0:00 -su
  mradow 23205 23166247 12:02:13 pts/6    0:03 pine -i

Any suggestion? why is it doing the sendmail thing.




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