rcv via UUCP, send via smtp ?

rcv via UUCP, send via smtp ?

Post by Mathias Koerb » Thu, 06 Oct 1994 12:59:19


I am running sendmail 8.6.9 in a small domain, We have a few machines that
connect to us infrequently via uucp, and deliver mail. They are also
reachable (via a convoluted path) over internet, but one which is
guaranteed to work better than waiting for them to connect to us again.

Now, if I receive mail from one such machine (call it a), via a
dircet uucp connection, I'd like to be able to turn all
answers etc to use another path:

What would be the best way to make sendmail rewrite all addresses of the

into the above specimen?

any hints welcome
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