Help: sendmail vs. ftp?

Help: sendmail vs. ftp?

Post by Chen » Wed, 08 Mar 1995 14:00:17

Hi, netter

According to the technical reference, I've already configured
As result, the email system is OK. The name address can be recognized.
Unfortunately, when I want to access a remote machine by ftp, the name
address of the machine isn't recognized. My current machine is Sun Sparc
classic with sunOS4.1.3+X11R5. I would appreciate it if anyone could give
me any tip.


Ke Chen

P.S. email response is perfered.


1. Help: sendmail vs. ftp?

    Sounds to me like a DNS problem -- your machine isn't in the DNS,
or maybe the machine you're ftp'ing from doesn't use the DNS.

    The folks in the usenet newsgroup
may be able to help.



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