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heh, in typical me-fashion, I found what I was looking for 10 minutes
after posting.

And apparently it helps in your search if you actually spell PROTOCOL
correctly.  I'll have to make a mental note of that :P.  so anyway,
just ignore that previous post.


1. Whoopsie

That's not true. They just made HF amplifiers intended for use in the
Amateur service type accepted equipment, and the type acceptance is
based on the inability of the amp to do any amplifying in the 10/11
meter vicinity. You can, if you're a licensed amateur, build or modify
an amp to work on 10 meters - you can even build up to one a year and
sell it to a licensed ham without type acceptance.

The upshot is that once you've got an amp that works on 10 meters,
there's nothing to keep you from using it. Getting it is made a little
more difficult, but for a licensed ham, it's no big deal.

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2. chkutent and /var/adm/wtmp