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I got the new sendmail 8.7.5 distribution and read about the userdb. It
has some interesting features (reverse aliases). But then I read that it
is experimental and may change in the future.
Though, is it wise to install it right now ?
Do I have to install it with NEWDB or can I use NIS too ?
Where can I get more information about it ?

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1. An alternative to USERDB -- without USERDB

   | S19
   | #
   | # Rewrite the address of an user to the corresponding
   | # external address of the same user.

I wonder: why would you introduce S19 and modify many other rules
if you already have S93/S94?

I agree that the USERDB stuff should be better left alone. I've just a
single line inserted in S93

and the `generics' comes from the .mc file:
        Kgenerics hash /local/mail/generics.db

I don't do the rewrite for all users, only if they prefer and if it is not
causing conflicts. Both aliases and generics are generated (silly Perl script)
from a master file that contains lines like:

        alias1  : realname
        alias2  : root
        joe     > Joe.Average

The first two are standard aliases, the last one is intended to be
a rewrite. The perl script parses this file, writes alias-file entries
for the first two lines (just copies these, actually); for the last line
it writes an entry in the generics map (joe  Joe.Average) and an alias
in the aliases file (Joe.Average : joe).

A final "/makemap hash generics < generics" created the lookup-map that
is used in S93.

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