Spell Check in Outlook Express/Windows XP

Spell Check in Outlook Express/Windows XP

Post by Chet Coo » Mon, 03 Mar 2003 12:32:16

I have found the solution to the problem with spell check
not working in Outlook Express 6.0 and Windows XP
Operating System. I can e-mail the missing Registry File
and step by step instructions on how to fix it to anyone
interested. The file is Capsi3t1.dll and it belongs in
the SharedFilesDir. This file seems to be missing from
most Win. XP OS installations.

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I am running Outlook Express Version 6.00 on 2 XP PC's.  
One machine has a 'spell check' TAB within 'Options'
which is set to automatic - the other PC does not have
the 'spell Check' TAB option available.

Both machines are running exactly the same version of
Outlook Express on XP.  Help?

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