forward or fail gracefully

forward or fail gracefully

Post by Thomas E Whal » Wed, 30 Jul 1997 04:00:00

I have a linux box as my home machine.  My email all collects at an account
on another UNIX machine.  How can I set my .forward file on the remote
machine to:

a) save my mail to my spool file
b) attempt to forward incoming email directly to my linux box using SMTP
c) not produce an error message if my linux box is down.

Basically, I want to get my email instantly if my linux box is up, and
additionally have it spooled in my POP account.  I'm planning on having a
POP client check every five minutes for mail, and using procmail to
eliminate duplicates.

Or is there a better way to accomplish this?

thanks for any help,

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I am new to Linux and sendmail. I succesfully maneged to set Redhat
linux 6.1, Sendmail was pretty much pre-configured, qpoppr as POP3 was a
ride in the park too. Anyway, when I sent mail to a non-existent user,
or a e-mail denied user I got a message that I can not sent. When I go
over the mesage size limit my netscape mail client hangs. I never see
this on the internet. Those things get handled better, usually a mail
returns to your mailbox explaining user unknown or such. How can I
configure my system to handle these thing more gracefully?

Thanks for your help.

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