Why doesn't "Expand Nicknames Immediately" not also "Finish Nickname"?

Why doesn't "Expand Nicknames Immediately" not also "Finish Nickname"?

Post by Snue » Sat, 27 Jul 1996 04:00:00

In Eudora Pro 3.0 there is a new and welcome feature in the "Sending Mail"
settings called "Expand Nicknames Immediately" which, for example,

But is there any reason why this feature should not execute the "Finish
Address Book Entry" command at the same time?

That way you could enter "snu" for example and Eudora would automatically
finish *and* expand it.

I've been trying to think of circumstances when a user might want to
Expand Nicknames Immediately, but *not* also want to Finish [the] Address
Book Entry first... But I can't think of any such circumstances.

And even when the user has the "Expand Nicknames Immediately" option
turned off, it would still be helpful if Eudora checked address entries
automatically (as soon as you tab-out of the address field) to see if it
will be able to resolve the address entries at send-time  -- alerting the
user (as Finish Nickname does currently) with a beep if it won't.

After all, who wants mail going out to "mar" when they intended it for
their old friend Marty, but forgot that they recently added a "Mary" to
the address book (thus rendering "mar" unresolvable)?

If there happens to be someone named "mar" at my ISP, then the mail will
go to him/her, and I may never know that it didn't go to my bud, Marty.

It's especially difficult to imagine circumstances when this
can't-resolve-address-entry warning would not be desirable. If you really
want to send mail to "mar" then you'd just ignore the warning and leave
the address unchanged. But the warning could be disabled by including an
option on the "Warn me when I..." category called "Enter nicknames that
cannot be resolved."

There are two separate (but related) suggestions here. I hope I haven't
smudged the distinction between them beyond recognition.

James "Snuey" Allen