e-mail forwarding service recommendations?

e-mail forwarding service recommendations?

Post by Dr. Da » Thu, 12 Jun 1997 04:00:00

I 'm in search of a service with multiple aliases to my legit e-mail
address.  URL forwarding is not necessary.  Checked out Pobox.com, but they
allow finger inquiries to it's members which I feel are bad for security
reasons.  I checked out bigfoot and netaddress, but they attach ads to your

Any recommendations?

Thanks-post here-I'll be back!



1. Email service recommendation - large pop and webmail storage

If your emails and list subscriptions are constantly overloading your dinky
free mail service
or small ISP pop box, here's a great service I found and started using...
they give you 100+MB with webmail and popmail access....
Free one week no-strings trial at http://1981.runbox.com

Because of the volume of mail seen in most mailing lists and on the Internet
in general
I strongly urge you to read the following and then visit
http://1981.runbox.com for a
one week free trial of the best email service around......
As a list owner I run into this all the time .. people who are using one of
the free
services such as Hotmail, Yahoomail, etc. and constantly run out of room in
their mailbox.
Then they find mail from their friends and relatives getting rejected and
their list
subscriptions bouncing. Well, I've never used those services because I
always liked to
have pop access (using Eudora or Outlook) and liked to keep my mail around
for a while.
But even at 10 - 25MB or so with a regular ISP mail account, it wouldn't
last long...
Well, I recently switched to a service that pretty much solves that problem.
They give you 100MB of storage with web mail (if that's what you prefer) and
pop mail
access for $29 a year....sure, it's not free, but for the value you get,
that's pretty
damn cheap...less than 2 months worth of Internet service...they also have
if you sign up for more than one year and they even throw in an extra 100MB
if you do
that, for a whopping 200MB...
I've been real happy with their service and there's even a one week free
(and I mean no-strings-attached, none of that give us your credit card and
before the week is up) ...so you have nothing to loose!
So head on over to http://1981.runbox.com and you'll never have to worry
about an
overflowing mailbox again....then sign up for all the lists you want...

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