ACAP und HPUX 10.20

ACAP und HPUX 10.20

Post by Stefan Min » Thu, 28 Jan 1999 04:00:00

hi there,

did somebody get up the cyrus-acapd on a HP-Box ?
I fear, the dynamic-load of the sasl-methods would have
to be rewritten (there is noch ldopen/ldsym etc in HPUX)

             Stefan Mink
"Click here to drop the deutsche mark."


1. MH for HPUX 10.20


I am a sysadmin at the University of Colorado, and since I am just a
lowly grunt on the totem pole, I was put in charge of building MH for
HP-UX 10.20.

I am having a terrible time trying to get this program to compile
correctly.  I have looked at and used a few of examples provided with
the package.

If you know of anyone that has sucessfully built MH for 10.20 could
you please send a copy of the conf/MH, and the conf/config/mtstailor
files to me?

The current problem is that if I include any of the options for
locking on an NFS (LOCKF, lockldir) the program core's on invoking of
the 'inc' command.

If I don't include any of the locking features, it tells me that it
can't lock and fopen my mail file.

On either occurance, I can still use all of the other
features/programs of MH -- comp, repl, forw, folders, etc.

If you have any ideas about which direction to look/head in, I would
be much appriciated.

Thank you,

Andrew Fisher
-UnixOps -- ITS
University of Colorado - Boulder

I have included my failed attempts for both files:

# Wed Nov 19 12:56:34 MST 1997
# General
bin             /usr/local/
ldoptions       -s
mandir          /usr/local/
etc             /usr/local/
mail            /var/mail
manuals         standard
mts             sendmail/smtp
# Machine specific options
ccoptions       +DA1.0 +DS1.0
options         SYS5 NDIR SOCKETS _STRINGS
curses          -lcurses -ltermlib
signal          void
sprintf         int


uucpldir:       /var/mail
mmdelim1:       \001\001\001\001\n
mmdelim2:       \001\001\001\001\n
mmailid:        0
lockldir:       /tmp

sendmail:       /usr/lib/sendmail


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