Using MH folders w/ pine?

Using MH folders w/ pine?

Post by Bryan K. Wrig » Fri, 20 Feb 1998 04:00:00

Hi folks,

        We have a lot of users who use mailers (e.g., xmh, exmh) that store
their messages in MH-style folders.  Is it possible to get pine to
(by default) store its messages in MH folders also?  If so, how?  This could
make life a lot simpler around here.

                                        Thanks in advance,
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1. help on using pine with mh folders

can one of you experts give me a short synopsis of the changes i need
to make to my .pinerc to use pine with mh-style folders (folders are
directories and messages are individual files)?

also, what is the magic thing that makes a file a *pine* folder? is
there some invisible character at the beginning of the file and
between messages or something?

i'd prefer email replies (i'll summarize back to the group). thanks.



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