How to check whether a email address is valid?

How to check whether a email address is valid?

Post by Wenxin Ma » Mon, 26 May 1997 04:00:00


1)I have a list of 2000 email addresses; I want to delete all the
invalid addresses.
Can i use procmail or sendmail?

2)Also, If I have a huge mbox file, is there a simple way to retrieve
all those email addresses?

3) Can I put those 2000 addresses in Pine's Lcc field if I want to send
message to all those people?

Thanks in advance.



1. checking if email address is valid

Using sendmail 8.x on RedHat Linux 6.2

I have a list of "solicited" email addresses I need to email to (no, I am
not a spammer). Even though addresses are submitted by recipients, I wind up
with a lot of bounced emails. Is there a simple command I can use to test if
an address is deliverable? And therefore do maintenance on my list to remove

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