Need sendmail help for a _wierd_ system configuration...

Need sendmail help for a _wierd_ system configuration...

Post by Duncan Grov » Thu, 18 Jun 1998 04:00:00


    I am running a linux box as a server at home to a bunch of 95
machines. Every
once and a while, the linux box calls my ISP as a cron job to transfer
mail. It
does this for six different people, all with different email accounts
from different

    Getting mail is not a problem - I just  use fetchmail to grab
peoples mail and tack
it onto the end of their local mail account on the linux box. The linux
box is called, although is not actually a
qualified domain.
Still, this is what all the rest of the machines on the local net know
it as.

    When sending out mail, everyone uses the linux box as the smtp
all mail gets queued on the server by sendmail; To make sure that
addressed/undeliverable mail gets back to the right persons account (ie
so the mail
administrator (me) doesn't get it) the 95 mail clients use

so that when
the mail gets delivered to the intended recipients, they can reply.
There are
several problems with this as it stands.

(1) Some esmtp servers won't accept mail with a non valid domain in the
      field (even if reply-to is correct).
(2) Some mail clients get confused by reply-to anyway.
(3) Because of the stupid way my ISP works, I cannot open a direct smtp
      connection to several places; I am supposed to send all mail
throuh their
      smtp gateway.

I think what I need is to modify some of the rewriting rules, but I
didn't quite
know where to start. I guess what I want it to do is conceptually

and have outgoing mail queued by sendmail as above, but when it actually
is about to
be sent, for the following to happen: connect to a specified smtp mail
gateway (ie the
one provided for each of the accounts) depending on the from address:
eg for yyy, for xxx,
etc; rewrite the

Does anyone know if this is possible? I would greatly appreciate some

If you post an answer, I would appreciate if you could cc it to me at
the email

Thanks, Duncan.

Duncan Grove
+61 8 8303 4725

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