Compiling SASL under HP-UX 10.20?

Compiling SASL under HP-UX 10.20?

Post by Bruce Haug » Fri, 20 Aug 1999 04:00:00

Quote:> Hi,
> I'm pleased to announce the release of Cyrus imapd version 1.6.10.
> This is the first non-beta release in the 1.6.x series, which uses the
> Cyrus SASL library for authentication.

Since this version now requires SASL, has anyone found a way to compile
the SASL library under HP-UX 10.20? It needs <dlfcn.h>, but this doesn't
exist for HP-UX 10.20. It IS available in HP-UX 11.00, but our lab hasn't
moved to that version yet.


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I don't know exactly what's happening, so I'll quote the problem.
Configure goes well, make dies with this:

keymap.c:69: `KEY_END' undeclared here (not in a function)
keymap.c:69: initializer element for `KeyNames[10].value' is not
keymap.c: In function `km_dokey':
keymap.c:356: warning: implicit declaration of function `timeout'
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I am not sure, but I don't believe that GNU ncurses is installed, it's
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problem, but I don't know.  Has anyone had experience with mutt on

Hans :)
What's that flashing?!

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