mh-format escape to get at Current-Folder?

mh-format escape to get at Current-Folder?

Post by Richard Maliszews » Thu, 03 Mar 1994 08:32:50

        I must be as dumb as a post, but I am trying to hack up my
"replcomps" so that I can add "Fcc: Current-Folder", where Current-Folder
is the value from "context", if set.
        Can any mh-format wiz show me the light?

        --Richard Maliszewski


1. Full list of MH6.6 mh-format escapes needed

I am trying to understand some lesser-known mh-format escapes, such as:
width, lit, putaddr, and void.  They do not seem to be documented in the
standard MH6.6 documentation (as reprinted in the Berkeley URM).  If
someone would share the meaning of these non-standard escapes with me, I
will gladly summarize the responses to the list.

My end desire is to be able to have my replcomps generate an "In-Reply-To"
header that auto-linewraps when it exceeds 79 characters in length.  Any
specific examples on how to do this, specifically, would be appreciated.
I suspect I'll have to add each token to the output string until the
next one would push me beyond 79 characters, then emit a newline-tab,
but perhaps there's a less painful way to do this, using only vanilla MH
and with no funky message post-processing.

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