Why is my video upside down?

Why is my video upside down?

Post by Zievfre » Tue, 28 Nov 2000 12:59:59

The person on the other end of my NetMeeting call is telling me my video is
upside down.  Why?

I use Alaris Weecam


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I use netmeeting (latest 3388 version) with a pinnacle PCTV tv capture
board and a hi-8 camcorder. This gives good picture quality (but it's

The problem is that my picture on the remote PC is upside down. But When
I monitor it on my screen it is correct. I've reinstalled many things,
netmeeting, video driver, bt848 capture drivers without success.

I know some people had the same problem but I didn't found an answer on
deja news (hmm, I mean google).

I guess it's just a simple parameter in the registry because when I
installed it on another partition for testing, it has worked for some
time but later the picture was upside down again.

Note that I use this capture board with other programs : many TV apps,
VirtualDub, Studio and never had this problem. It's only with Netmeeting.

Does anyone know a solution ?

(and yes, I put the camcorder upside down on my desk, but this is just a
temporary solution as I cant use a tripod with the camcorder upside down,
and my local monitor view is upside down too, because the upside down
effect only appears on the distant PC).



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