local domain configuration

local domain configuration

Post by Ton » Tue, 04 Dec 2001 04:18:33

We have a redhat in domainA.com. We have no control of domainA.com DNS
servers. We do not want to receive mail for domainA.com. This server
does have a FQDN in domainA.com call it joe.domainA.com.

I have a DNS server MX record pointing to this joe.domainA.com as
mail.domainB.com. I have full control of this DNS server. This DNS
server is also in domainA.com call it john.domainA.com but I have
registered my DNS server ns3.domainB.com pointing to john.domainA.com

Question is how can I configure sendmail to receive and send mail for

Does the redhat server need to be configured locally (resolv.conf) in
the domainB.com domain? Right now it is configure to be in domainA.com
and pointing to domainA.com DNS servers

When I create user mailboxes how can I set their domain name to be



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