ruleset for this?

ruleset for this?

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anybody have a .cf ruleset for 8.8.8 that will reject mail based on the from
and to addresses being exactly the same as long as they're not within the
local domain?




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I am involved in the installation of Oracle*Mail for the IBM AIX 4.1.4
system, Oracle Alerts & Shared Financials applications.  Our problem
is with Oracle*Mail.

I have successfully installed and tested Oracle*Mail, outbound.  My
problem is with the changes which Oracle requested be made to the file inorder to execute the oramail program.  The first
change is to define the oramail program as a local mailer.  It looks
like this:

Moramail, {tab}P=/code0001/oracle/product/7.1.6/bin/munixin,
F=rlSsDCFMPpmn, S=10, R=20, {tab}A=munixin -
/code0001/oracle/product/7.1.6 xt07 - $g $a $b $f $x ( $u )

The second part is the part which modifies Ruleset 0:

R$+.oramail             $#oramail $:$1          ORACLE*MAIL passoff
R$+.ORAMAIL             $#oramail $:$1          ORACLE*MAIL passoff

Now here's the problem.  When I send mail to the Oracle User on the
machine, it works!  Here's what it looks like.

(258)==> mailx -v -s "Test" oracle.DOMAIN1.oramail
testing 1 2 3
root... setsender: uid/gid = 0/0
oracle.DOMAIN1.oramail... Connecting to .oramail...
oracle.DOMAIN1.oramail... Connecting to  (oramail)...
oracle.DOMAIN1.oramail... execve: The user number is 0; the group
number is 0.
oracle.DOMAIN1.oramail... Sent

However, when the same message is sent to the same user, but with the
name of the machine appended, this is what happens.


testing 1 2 3
root... setsender: uid/gid = 0/0

Saving message in //dead.letter
//dead.letter... Can't create output

It's apparent that sendmail (or is that oramail?) doesn't recognise
that the message is already local.

What do I need to change to get this modification to work?
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