Post by Juan » Sat, 23 Nov 2002 15:13:56

Most Web Mail sites are charging for pop3 access (Lycos and Yahoo do it,
too). They used to offer it for free, but it is all changing now.

> I know that this will not make any difference to Microsoft
> but I will send
> it anyway. I am forced to close my MSN account because of
> the underhanded
> and irreversible way that I have been defaulted into a
> Hotmail account vs. a
> pop3 account. I am going to close my MSN account and will
> advise EVERYONE I
> I will do this for as long as I am unable to option out of
> web-based email. Kind of ridiculous it may seem but I must
> have a pop3 email account at my option. If MSN cannot or
> will not provide me this I have to switch.
> Ed


1. Unable to send email via hotmail or other webmail

Help needed,

I am unable to send email via hotmail or any other internet-based webmail on
my home desktop (P4 2.33Ghz running XP and IE6 & Netscape Navigator).

Click on the new msg button and window pops up fine. Type message and then
click on send and the window simply hangs. Same thing happens when I click
on attach file: it lets me browse locally for file, and then hangs when I
ask it to upload the file onto the message.

I am also unable to submit messages to newsgroups, yet I am able to query
search machines.

FYI: I am able to send emails if I connect my office laptop to the same
dialup, so it's not the ISP.

Can anyone shed any light on this issue?


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