Newbie: Pls HELP

Newbie: Pls HELP

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Sorry if my questions could seems to be stupid!
I have a lot of questions, but they are VERY important for me.
So if you havent time to answer me for all question, I will be
very happy to receive partial answer in any case !

What Id like to do:

1- Id like to create my own VC software without having to write
   a codec (I dont know how to write one..).
2- I would like to use a product (Netmeeting could do that ?) that
   give me the opportunity to build my own user interface with my
   signature and give me the possiblity to use pre-programmed code
   for simplify my life and make easy to build his own VC prog.
3- I hops that this product can support a large variety of cam

My questions:

1- Is Netmeeting SDK the product Im looking for ?
2- If it is, is it possible to write a programm with nm sdk
   where put my own vid (comming directly from my cam in real-time)
   onto my homepage, without need to download any programm for the
   visitor ?
3- Could I use Java with netmeeting?
4- If I couldnt, but I use VB, will I loose transmission speed quality?
5- How hard is to program this kind of VC software (Im only java
   programmer -and javascript, html, perl) ?
6- If I just want send a vid over Internet without received the vid
   of my friend, if we use real-time sound both, if we have 28'800kbs
   transmission speed, 160x120 vid size,pentium 120MHz-32Mo, and
   quickcam, what is the average of the frames/s could I hops he
   will receive ?
7- If I write this software and use (if its a program for this kind of
   application) Netmeeting, could I sale it or use it for free or should
   I pay a license for Microsoft?

Thank you very much for your help !!
With my best regards!

I. Muller



hi all,

Can somebody help me please?
I have setup my email server by using SENDMAIL v 8.9.3, which is included in
SuSE Linux 6.1,
running kernel ver. 2.2.7,

There is actually can send and receive some email,
however, i found sometime that i can't send / receive some email,
and the log state like this:

Nov 24 10:58:34 pop3 sendmail[4150]: KAA04150: ruleset=check_mail,

Nov 24 10:58:34 pop3 sendmail[4150]: KAA04150:

Nov 24 11:07:01 pop3 sendmail[4174]: LAA04174: ruleset=check_mail,

size=0, class=0, pri=0, nrcpts=0, proto=ESMTP, relay=[]

for some special Domain Name, the SENDMAIL always reject by Error 451
[Sender domain must resolve]
I don't know why and don't know whether is the fault setting of my email
Please help !

And some strange point is for those 'problem' email address,
if i do the 'ping' command to that corresponding domain on the email server,
before i send that email from my client PC (outlook express),
it can then be transfer successfully!!!
I wonder this just like i need to ping those 'problem' email domain
addresses to
let the link to communication first before i send those emails!!!???




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