Problems with "bang" addresses & rewrite rules

Problems with "bang" addresses & rewrite rules

Post by Curtis L. Ols » Wed, 18 Jun 1997 04:00:00

I have a perplexing problem here that I'm not sure how to handle.

I want to be able to pass off any uucp addresses to our university's
uucp relay host.

When I generated the file I used the following lines:

    define(`UUCP_RELAY', `')dnl

I didn't use (should I have?):


Anyways, when ever I send email to machine!user, sendmail rewrites the

right back to our mail hub.  Our sendmail looks at the address, adds

etc. etc. etc. etc. until the mail loop is mercifully killed.

Also if I send email to a_real_local_machine!user (i.e. kenai!curt) it
would be nice if it would get delivered correctly.  Instead it also
behaves as described above.

unchanged.  Any ideas?

Hopefully my lack of sendmail understanding shows through so someone
will have pity on me and tell me what to do. :-)

Thanks in advance,


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I've tried to use the smtp delivery agent "C" flag:

Msmtp,    P=[IPC],   F=CmDFMuX
Mesmtp,   P=[IPC],   F=CmDFMuX

but that didn't work.

Also, I tried to use the following definition in my file


But that also didn't work.

My next step is to hack the sendmail rule set 3 but I'm not an
expert at the sendmail rulesets.  Any help or pointers are

Thank you,

Peter Tran

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