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When I use:
mhstore -f <filename> "without" the -auto option it puts files in the
directory that I have specified in the .mh_profile but it does not store
the attachments properly. It saves them with a octet-stream extension.

On the other hand, If I specify it with the the -auto option, it does
not read the .mh_profile and ignores the directory into which it is
supposed to save and saves it in the current directory and doing this
way it reads the filename and saves it with the correct extension.

How do I fix this problem? Basically I want to use mhstore such that it
will save it into a directory that I specify and with the proper
extension by reading the filename from the Content-Disposition or name
from the Content-Type of a multipary message.

Also, how do I specify it to leave the header information in the first
partial message?

Thanks for your help,

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1. mhstore won't nmh-storage where I want it to


After setting nmh-storage in my ~/.mh_profile to a folder other than
$HOME, it will insist on storing its files into $HOME. I'm using  1.0.4
nmh, with a commandline like:

mhstore -auto -type application/msword +folder msg_no

I've even tried setting the other nmh-xx vars that don't seem to relate,
with no success either. I have set $MHSTORE, first to point at
~/.mh_profile then to point at a different file containing the nmh-storage
variable, with equal failure. Can anyone suggest a solution/reason?



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