Adding Nickname Files and Folders? - Nickname Aliases [Importing]

Adding Nickname Files and Folders? - Nickname Aliases [Importing]

Post by NoSpamJef » Sat, 27 May 2000 04:00:00

I've been trying to import my address book using Interguru:

Good service, but I'm finding a problem with Eudora's methods. I am
importing from Claris Emailer, which uses First and Last names to identify
an recipient and then autofills the rest of the address.

I find the Nickname feature a bit annoying in Eudora.
If you don't have a "nickname" for each address, Eudora creates one out of
the email address. I don't know any of my mail recipients by their
Compuserve number! :-)

 I was able to rearrange the imported database so that the first name became
the nickname/alias, but when you type in a nickname, Eudora doesn't seem to
let you know which address it is actually being sent to., whereas Emailer
shows you the full address. Can Eudora reveal the full address instead of
just the nickname in the outgoing mail?

I have a lot of people with the same first name. If they are duplicated in
the nicknames area, I am wondering if the duplicate aliases just get wiped

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Is there a way to cause a nickname to be removed from a nickname group
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me: delete nickname and then delete the corresponding entry from the
group that it had been added to.

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