MH-6.8.3 on DEC alpha OSF/1 1.3

MH-6.8.3 on DEC alpha OSF/1 1.3

Post by Danny Mitz » Mon, 13 Dec 1993 11:59:49

Has anyone managed to get this combo working?

list on MH-6.8 and DEC OSF/1 V1.2, and I applied his patches [there was
one small problem with the patch to zotnet/tws/dtimep.lex, but other
than that things seemed to build and install fine.  but I can't get anything

Quote:> post: problem initializing server; [BHST] no servers available
> send: message not delivered to anyone

I have mts=sendmail/smtp and have the correct server defined in mtstailor.
I even tried the -server switch on the 'send' and 'post' command line, but
same error.  does anyone have any suggestions?

here's the compile flags:
version: MH 6.8.3 #5[UCI] ( of Sat Dec 11 16:22:57 PST 1993
options: [BIND] [BSD42] [BSD43] [DBMPWD] [FOLDPROT='"0700"'] [LOCKF]
         [MHE] [MHRC] [MIME] [MSGPROT='"0600"'] [OSF1] [POP] [POP2]


1. mh-6.8.3 for Alpha running OSF/1

i'm having a bit of trouble getting mh to work for our dec alpha.  with
great difficulty, i have managed to get the software to compile... but
now, when i attempt to send something, send responds with
send: message not delivered to anyone

do any of you know what is happening?  if not, do any of you have a sample
MH compilation settings file i could compare to?

thanx in advance,


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