Size of IDA sendmail processes.

Size of IDA sendmail processes.

Post by Shiva Ramabadr » Wed, 03 Nov 1993 06:58:51

I recently upgraded sendmail on our mailhub from SunOS (4.1.3)
sendmail to IDA Sendmail 5.67a+IDA-1.5.

This machine is a Sparc 2 with 28 Meg of real memory, and 85 Meg of
swap. It delivers (well, used to) about 12,000 messages a day locally,
and about half that number to remote sites. The aliases file has
around 1200 aliases, but very few of them are large (>10 members).
The queue is also usually quite large, and at around 150-200 long
during the day. (many sites refusing connections.)

IDA sendmail works fine, but before it's done sendmail bloats up
to over 1.7Meg in size!! Therefore, the machine quickly runs out of
memory, at the slightest hint of heavy traffic.

Have others noticed this ? What could be the reason for the disparity
in sizes (SunOS sendmail is typically at 600K). I have tried both
statically and dynamically linked binaries.  The size of the binary
itself is small (around 180K dynamic, around 700K static), but it
always gets very big.

I tried eliminating the frozen config file, but that did not solve the

As time permits, I hope to upgrade to Sendmail 8.6.4 (or the latest
version at that time.), but I don't think I'll get around to it very
soon. In the meanwhile, I'd like to avail of some of the nice features
in the IDA version.  

Any help in figuring out this mystery would be appreciated. Have others
encountered this ? What suggestions can you offer to help me debug this.

Many thanks in advance,

UNIX Systems Programmer, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, Troy NY 12180.


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We have a SLIP connection to the net and we run sendmail-5.65c+IDA-1.4.4 on
the gateway machine instead of the plain-vanilla sendmail supplied by Sun.
The box is SparcStation 2 with SunOS 4.1.2.

We have two problems with it:

1. We start sendmail /etc/rc, with the command
     /usr/lib/sendmail -bd -q1m
   However, sometimes when I send mail with 'mail -v' it takes a few minutes
   for sendmail to display the dialog, even if it is between local machines.

2. When a lot of mails are sent, it looks like sendmail forks a copy of
   itself for each mail. Is there any limit to this forking?

Please respond via email to either address below, as I'm not on the News.

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