display folders with old unread emails

display folders with old unread emails

Post by Chris. » Sat, 16 Mar 2002 07:44:39

Hello mutters :)

  since I know that you can do almost anything with mutt as far as you
know how to, I guess this is possible, but I don't know how.

  Just suppose you are reading one of your mail folders in which
procmail puts all mails of a mailing list and while you are working
through the messages you notice that in your inbox arrived a new mail.
 So when I switch back to my mail spool file, all messages will be
marked as old, but still unread.  This feature is really great to
distinguish new incoming mails since last looking at the folder.

  Unfortunately mutt doesn't say anything about folders containing
old, but unread mails, when I want to switch folders via 'c' command.

  Is there a way in mutt to show, let's say an 'O' in the directory
view for folders that still contain unread mails?  Or is there any
other way you are dealing with this situation?

  Thanks a lot for you thoughts, ideas, etc...



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Well, we're almost there. I appreciate the addition of the "Display only
'new' messages" setting, but what I really want is a "Display only 'unread'
messages" setting.

Does anyone know if I can change Eudora to do this? Or will this be in a
future version.

Jim Niemann

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