Links in email lockup Outlook 6.0

Links in email lockup Outlook 6.0

Post by Michael Santove » Thu, 31 Oct 2002 15:52:40

To use Internet Explorer for URL links, Favorites (especially More Favorites), double-clicking
*.HTM files, etc., :
  - In Internet Explorer, check View (or Tools), (Internet) Options, Programs, and check the
box to make it the default browser (you may need to close and restart MSIE to take effect)

If the above doesn't help, see:
OE: Internet Shortcuts in Outlook Express Don't Start Browser

OLEXP: Hyperlink With (!) in the Address Does Not Start Web Browser

IE6 opens blank (empty) windows

If you are using a Pop-up Ad blocker program, check its documentation to see if it is blocking
the opening of a new web browser and how to workaround that.


Mike -

Quote:> There is a re-occurring problem that links in email lockup
> Outlook and at time the computer.  I can copy the link and
> paste in explorer so I know that there is nothing wrong
> with the links.