uw-imap, mbx format and pop3...

uw-imap, mbx format and pop3...

Post by Anthony Hinsinge » Fri, 27 Jun 2003 06:47:27

I've set up an imap server using uw-imap.
I got a lot of mailbox lock problem (when expunge in imap) with the "unix"
mailbox format, so i decided to use mbx format
and now it rocks with imap access :)

I let procmail deliver to an unix /var/spool/mail/USERNAME mailbox, and
c-client correctly copy message to ~/INBOX mbx mailbox.

But I've a new problem.
when I access to the account using uw pop3 deamon (some users want it),
there is some very strange effect when deleting message :s
sometimes message are not delete .. sometimes it delete another one ....

I'm using the c-client API to delete message, and i use "uid" flag to mark
messages has \\Delete. May be  it can be the problem ?? (uid seems to be the
same has msg number with pop3)
does anyone has an idea ? is there knows bug using mbx with pop3 (I imagine
c-client "layer" is accessing to the box with imap or pop)




uw-imap, mbx format and pop3...

Post by Mark Crispi » Fri, 27 Jun 2003 08:29:43

I don't know if this is relevant to your problem or not, but "delete" in
POP3 does not mean the same thing as "mark as deleted" in IMAP.

In IMAP, messages get a deleted flag applied to them.  At some later
point, perhaps in another session, an expunge operation permanently
removes the message.

In POP3, "delete" means "note in this session that the message is to be
expunged from the mailbox when a QUIT command is performed; and if the
session terminates without a QUIT command, forget about all these

Messages which are deleted via IMAP do not show up in POP3, even if they
have not been expunged.

-- Mark --

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