Looking for some Beta Testers to Test PopAgent

Looking for some Beta Testers to Test PopAgent

Post by Jeffrey Ree » Wed, 03 Feb 1999 04:00:00

I need some beta testers to test PopAgent 1.0, a new mail notification
utility that utilizes MS Agent 2.0. You are probably thinking "just what the
world needs - another mail notification utility". Well, this one's slightly
different from the rest. Take a look at www.imesoftware.com to see if you
are interested. There is a description of PopAgent, along with some demos.
If you would like to beta test, you may also sign up and download the


Jeffrey Reed
I.M.E. Software


1. Mail notify - looking for beta testers

I've written a small utility called "Eye in the Sky" to check various
mail and news services and I'm looking for beta testers for comment
before eventually releasing it as shareware. It sits as an icon and
periodically checks a range of applications to see if they have new
messages or more new than last time. If it finds some, it can flash the
icon, popup, play a sound or launch an application. There is a full
scheduler built in to control when the checking or launching is done.

Currently the following applications can be checked:
VIM - cc:Mail and Lotus Notes
MAPI - MS Mail (and others)
MHS - Novell mail systems
Pegasus 2 - Main folder or all folders
Chameleon Mail
Eudora 1.44 and 2.0
KA9Q - Any mail program based on the demon DIS setup such as Fimail
SNEWS - Any news program based on the DIS setup such as Newswin

There are also 2 winsock based checkers:

POP3 - Any POP3 based system

The program is likely to be of interest to anyone using ChkMail, WinBiff
or who uses two or more of the above applications. Its relatively easy
to add new checker DLLs so please email me if you would like to see

You can find it in ftp.demon.co.uk/pub/ibmpc/win3/winsock/apps/eye

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