block or bounce

block or bounce

Post by Xiaobo Sh » Tue, 08 Aug 1995 04:00:00

How to set pine to block /bouce back mail from a specific address?


Xiaobo Shao
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1. How do I block sendmail from sending bounced or "returned" email back to sender?

How do I block sendmail from sending bounced or "returned" email back to

A user sends an email to a list of recipients but one of the recipients in
the list has an incorrect address so what currently happens is the sender
gets a bounced email from the "Mail Delivery Subsystem" stating why the
address is incorrect. How can I make sendmail stop delivering bounced emails
or emails saying it can't deliver it for a number of reasons? This is not
for any SPAM related functionality. I have a website that allows users to
email their friends some of my website content. Unfortunately, if the user
puts in the recipient list an incorrect email address, then they get a
really messy incomprehesible email from my server stating that the address
is incorrect (i.e. bad host for example) along with info I'd rather users
not see (i.e. the real domain name of the server not the virtual domain
name, the ip address, etc...). I would rather just have the bad email
address be ignored and dropped to the side then subject my vistitors to a
gruesome looking sendmail error message bounced back to them.

I'm sure it has to do with the but I've been searching all the
newsgroups, search engines and man pages for answers but I can't find a
solution. Perhaps someone kind enough can point me in the right direction. I
would very much appreciate it.



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