Converting MH folders into Pine folders?

Converting MH folders into Pine folders?

Post by David Osbor » Fri, 13 May 1994 00:08:36

I'm about to install Pine for our users... in case we have anyone who
currently uses MH and wants to migrate to Pine, is there a tool to
take a folder of MH messages and create a "traditional" mail folder
(with "From " lines)?  It's easy to go the other way with "inc -file".
Jerry Peek's admirable MH book doesn't (perhaps understandably) deal
with converting *from* MH to other formats!

(me?  I'll stay with MH, thanks ;-)

~~David Osborne
  Cripps Computing Centre, University of Nottingham


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I'm planning to switch from pine to exmh.
Is there a utility to convert pine folders to mh folders???


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