Netmeeting ICS Win2K

Netmeeting ICS Win2K

Post by withe » Tue, 17 Sep 2002 08:11:40

Does anyone know how to get Netmeeting and ICS using Win2k to work?

I've been looking for VICS, liks don't work anymore :-( can anyone
post it somewhere or provide a link that works please, or any other

thanks very much


Netmeeting ICS Win2K

Post by Brian Sullivan -MV » Tue, 17 Sep 2002 11:38:18

Quote:> Does anyone know how to get Netmeeting and ICS using Win2k to work?

ICS does not have the required support on any platform for full function
outgoing calls. Incoming calls would not be possible regardless.

Brian Sullivan - MVP
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1. Win2K ICS problem : Cannot connect to NetMeeting or MSN Messenger

I have 2 Win2K prof workstations connected via a LAN.

PC1 has a broadband Internet connection and Internet Connection Sharing

PC2 cannot sign in to Netmeeting or MSN Messenger. Error message "The
directory server could not be found" from NetMeeting and "Directory service
not available" from MSN Messenger.

PC1 can sign in fine, and PC2 can sign in if I use a dial-up connection from
PC2 itself so I presume my basic Netmeeting/MSN Messenger configuration is
okay on both workstations.

PC2 is able to browse/telnet/ping/ftp etc the web via the ICS so I presume
ICS is set up okay.

Am using the latest MSN Messenger and Netmeeting with Win2K SP2 on both PCs.
Am using the default Microsoft Internet Directory.

Many thanks in advance for any advice...


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