Pine & PGP

Pine & PGP

Post by Finn Hybjerg Hanse » Wed, 14 Dec 1994 00:00:20


I would like to suggest to implement PGP in pine in the future, since
getting files an messages in and out of pine in order to encrypt and
decrypt them, is irritating.

I do understand very well if it is not implemented, cause that might not
be easy at all, so take this mail as it is :  Only a suggestion.

Regards from Finn in Denmark
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Pine & PGP

Post by J. Kelly Cunningh » Fri, 16 Dec 1994 15:48:08


>I would like to suggest to implement PGP in pine in the future, since
>getting files an messages in and out of pine in order to encrypt and
>decrypt them, is irritating.

I'll second that.

        Subject: mkpgp

mkpgp should show up in you mailbox within the hour.  If you're in a hurry,

will place the readme, atop a uuencode of the script, in your current
directory as you read the manual.

mkpgp is a c-shell script that acts as a "go between" for Pine & pgp.

It features: editor of your choice, spell checker of your choice,
encryption (with or without signing), signing (with or without
encryption), encrypted attachments, effortless public key additions from
e-mail, decryption & signature verification, effortless encrypted
attachment extraction, and more...

        Subject: addtomkpgplist

mkpgp will show up each time the modification date changes.

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1. Advanced Pine & PGP integration.



I am using pine 3.9x as a very good mailer. I also am using a couple of
shell scripts to integrate with pgp using display and send filters. the
result is dead easy to use for someone who encrypts things occasionally
and signs them more often.

Having checked the several sites I could not find any scripts that use the
display filter process to do key managmenent, or any send filters that can
manage remailers (harder, I know).

If soemone has such scripts, or can point me to such then I would be very
grateful. Ideally they should have the following features.
        On coming across a public key in a message it would add it
 (unverified, naturally) to your public key ring.
        On coming across a signed message for which you don't have the
public key for it should look up a key server and verify the signature.

If I get the time (studies permitting) I could write these but then I am a
novice script writer.



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