Outlook 2002 Lockup

Outlook 2002 Lockup

Post by Mike » Thu, 19 Sep 2002 18:54:27

I am running Windows XP SP1 and Office XP SP2.  After
loading the Windows XP service pack, my Outlook began to
hang.  It happens intermittently and when I close the
application, Windows sends a problem message to
Microsoft. I have removed Office XP and reinstalled but
the problem persists.  Any suggestions?  

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I use Outlook 2002, and if I send attachments to anyone
using Outlook Express, they can't find the attachments
unless I send only in Plain Text.

They receive enough mail to be sure that the attachment
must have got to them, but it doesn't appear in Outlook

I can switch to Plain Text, but I don't see that I should
have to!  Sometimes I don't know what the other guy uses,
and shouldn't really have to know!

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