Of Sendmail Spam and Ruleset 98

Of Sendmail Spam and Ruleset 98

Post by Ken Gehrin » Sat, 26 Apr 1997 04:00:00

A while back someone posted their Ruleset 98 for sendmail 8.8.5
I've managed to get most of it debugged but am having a problem
with the following:

#check mail: smtp mail from:
R$*             $:$>3 $1        # canonicalize
#check for OK domains that wont resolve but we let in

The above generates the following errors
(given that lines 743 and 744 are the last 2 lines above).
/etc/sendmail.cf.test: line 743: Inappropriate use of $* on RHS
/etc/sendmail.cf.test: line 744: Inappropriate use of $* on RHS

What am I doing wrong or where is my mistake.

Thanks in advance
Ken Gehring


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  needs to be added to invoke the new set, Ruleset 98 (which is added
  to rewrite addresses for the virtual domains).

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