Printing PostScript files directly from mh-e

Printing PostScript files directly from mh-e

Post by Amitabh Sh » Sat, 19 Jun 1993 00:36:54

Has anyone written any nifty macros to print a PostScript file directly from
mh-e, which will strip off the headers?



PS. Using mh-e with emacs 18.59.

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1. printing postscript files from pine to a postscript printer under NCSA telnet


I'm using Pine 3.91 on a UNIX machine and NCSA Telnet 2.6 for the Mac.

I'm trying to print PostScript files using the ansiprn.c utility to
deliver the output to my local printer.  My printer command option is set as:

        enscript -2 -p - | ansiprn

When I hit pr(y)nt everything seems to work.  Pine goes through its
motions, a print selection window opens up on the desktop.  I hit return
to send it on its way.

And the *source* of my postscript document arrives on the printer!

When I tried printing to a file, I discovered that somewhere along the
line the postscript being produced by enscript was being fed as text into
a second postscript file.  That is, I ended up with a postscript file of
a postscript file of a mail message.

What's going on here, and can it be fixed?


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