WordPerfect Office 4.0-Experience?

WordPerfect Office 4.0-Experience?

Post by Ed Terpeni » Thu, 17 Mar 1994 08:56:51

Does anyone have experience deploying WordPerfect Office at a large company
with mixed Macintosh and Unix clients?  I'd be interested in failure and
success stories.

Ed Terpening


1. WordPerfect Office 3.1 to 4.0 conversion: Saving E-mail Question

We are currently in the process of converting from WordPerfect Office 3.1  
to WordPerfect Office 4.0a.  

We know that GroupWise 4.1 is Novell/WordPerfect's current product, but  
this is our situation.

Our email users who have saved many messages in WPO 3.1 folders do not  
find it acceptable that they must either save the messages as WordPerfect  
documents or move them all to one big archive file for the 4.0a for the  
conversion process.

We have already communicated with Novell/WordPerfect product support  
about this problem.  

We have heard that moving such folders to system folders and then  
converting the entire server might work, but that solution does not seem  
practical in terms of the time and resources required.

If anyone has helpful knowledge or experience related to this conversion  
problem, please reply.

Thank you

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