MSMail to SMTP/POP3 via UUCP gateway required

MSMail to SMTP/POP3 via UUCP gateway required

Post by Brendan Lai » Wed, 19 Jul 1995 04:00:00

Before I start doing this, is there a low cost gateway that will route
MSMail to the internet, via UUCP. I can only seem to find gateway
products that require a slip/ppp connection.

Basically, we've got about 50 users & need to be able to send/receive
email to & from the internet. Rather than setting up a full time
connection, or changing mail packages it seems like a good idea to use
MSMail as the client; Then build a gateway to take mail destined for the
internet out, and package it up & send it periodically to the host via a
low cost uucp connection.

Any flaws or hitches in this seemingly simple idea would be



MSMail to SMTP/POP3 via UUCP gateway required

Post by John Ahlber » Sun, 23 Jul 1995 04:00:00

Try using UGate. It cost $200 and works pretty well. You will also need a MHS
gateway and a MS Mail gateway. Yeah I know it sounds like a big pain but I just
installed this and it works really well. I installed Connect2 and Connect2 for MS
Mail (about $500) and UGate. My UGate UUCP gateway calls up my provider and
downloads the e-mail and the Connect2 pieces take over and deliver it to the MS
Mail user. It's a secure set up that is Mime and UUcode compatible. for UGate. Give it a try!


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Is there a gateway between notes 4 (NT) and UUCP or SMTP available for
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We've actually got the "official" gateway software, but the systems
department can't get it to work.  I'd really like to shut them up and
provide a solution that works :-)

Any advice appreciated.

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