Netmeeting and MSproxy config (question)

Netmeeting and MSproxy config (question)

Post by neil » Wed, 05 May 1999 04:00:00


We have MSproxy runnning here on the server computer, which makes internet
available for 2 computers through a hub.
Now we want to add Netmeeting through MS proxy, how do we install this
protocol(s). Perhaps you know how to do this
and could add and discription or sheet, the standard microsoft info on this
doesn't work. We get a connection but the audio
and video don't work, plz respond!



1. Netmeeting ands several participants

I am new to this group so sorry if I am asking an old question How does one
go about configuring Netmeeting to allow more than one video connection

I am trying to set up a conference with 3 or max 4 persons how do we do this

When I try with one person no problem but when i try with two nothing at all
no audio no video


Thanks for an answer here or to my email


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