Can't customize headers

Can't customize headers

Post by Ric Beldi » Sun, 11 Sep 1994 03:21:16

I'm having trouble adding fields like 'Reply-To' and 'Errors-To' into
the headers of my email messages.

I'm using mail and sendmail on a SPARCstation 1+ with SunOS 4.1.2.

Will somebody with some experience in these things please contact me
at the email address below?

Thanks very much.

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1. customized From: field in "OPTION: Customized-Headers"


   I'm sick and tired of receiving email spams.  Every time I post
something to the usenet or email to some public mailing list, I get on
average about 70 email spams. I hate spamming.

   Please help me.
   I want to disguise my email address in the from field, so that only
people who actually read my msgs can find out the real email address. I
tried to add "From:" into customized headers of pine-3.96, but it didn't
show up.

   Please email me patch or something so that I could use that  customized
From: field.



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