Where do I get info/name/phone/email-address on/for Information Lens

Where do I get info/name/phone/email-address on/for Information Lens

Post by William Da » Fri, 28 Aug 1992 03:13:29

Please send information to me via email.  If someone has an email address
for anyone on this project please let me know.

Thanks,  --Bill

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 4100 Bohannon Dr.        (415) 926-6488 - wk


1. Information Lens

I am currently working on a project to aid the Clinton Administration in
updating their E-Mail system in the White House.  Specifically, to answer
the question, "how do you respond effectively when you get thousands of
messages a day?"  I was wondering  how Information Lens would work in a
situation such as this?  Can anyone help?  

Thanks in advance,

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