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here I have two further questions:

1) Is there an option to tell pine to mark new entries in the
   remote_addressbook as well in the remote_pinerc folders as seen?

2) Is there an option to tell pine that it is not needed to save a usenet


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Post by Gopi Sundara » Sun, 27 Jul 2003 00:39:50

> 2) Is there an option to tell pine that it is not needed to save a
> usenet post?

Set up a role for news. Make sure you always use it for news, both for
new messages and for replies.

In the role setup, set the Fcc to the empty string, i.e., ""

Gopi Sundaram


1. New feature: Fcc determination using Fcc field in address book?

When I select an address from the address book and this address has an Fcc
defined, this Fcc is not used in the Fcc header of the mail message being
composed. For example, if I want to sent mail to this list, I want all mail
to be stored in my folder for Pine. Problem is that I can only define a
single Fcc ("sent-mail") or extract the correct Fcc from the address, but
in many situations, I don't want to use the generated Fcc, but the Fcc I
define in the address book.

However, when I want to save a message to a folder, Pine can take the Fcc
from the address book and use this as the destination folder. It would be
nice if this also applies to the composed messages.


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