sendpage (or filter?) problems

sendpage (or filter?) problems

Post by Steve Full » Thu, 07 Nov 1996 04:00:00

I've gotten sendpage to compile and dialout properly. So far so good. I
am having some problems with the pagefilter program and am wondering if
anyone has run into this before.

What works:
a) run sendpage with "sendpage -bd" or "sendpage -bd -d99"
   cat FILENAME | pagefilter srf (where srf is an alias defined in      

What DOESN'T work:
b) cat FILENAME | pagefilter srf (where srf is an alias defined in
This results in a file that sits in the sendpage queue directory until I
finally fire off sendpage by hand

c) sending email to a sendmail alias

in my /etc/aliases file:
pager:  "|/usr/local/bin/pagefilter srf"

This results in the following output in my /var/log/syslog:
Nov  5 22:21:46 snoopy sendpage[579]: mkstemp(sendpageQ847254106XXXXXX):

And the following output in my /var/log/messages:
Nov  5 22:21:46 snoopy sendmail[575]: WAA00575: from=root, size=995,
class=0, pri=30995, nrcpts=1,

Nov  5 22:21:46 snoopy sendmail[576]: WAA00575:
to="|/usr/local/bin/pagefilter srf", delay=00:00:00,
xdelay=00:00:00, mailer=prog, stat=Sent

After c) occurs, there are NO outgoing pages in /var/pqueue and no email
returned saying that the page didn't go. The permissions look to be ok as
I have followed the Alpha-Paging-Howto to the letter (except that I'm not
doing any sort of domain aliasing). I have copies of all appropriate
files if needed.

This LOOKS like sendpage is having problems making a temp file (at least
when it's being called from within the filter program, which is written
in C.

The one thing that I did try was changing the $z directive in
for the prog mailer type. It was set to be /. I've tried /tmp and also
completely eliminating it with varying degrees of success. Those lines
are listed below:

#Mprog,         P=/bin/sh, F=lsDFMoeu, S=10/30, R=20/40, D=$z:/,
#               T=X-Unix,
#               A=sh -c $u

#Mprog,         P=/bin/sh, F=lsDFMoeu, S=10/30, R=20/40, D=$z:/tmp,
#               T=X-Unix,
#               A=sh -c $u

Mprog,          P=/bin/sh, F=lsDFMoeu, S=10/30, R=20/40,
                A=sh -c $u

I've also posted to the sendpage-hackers mailing list as well, but
thought I might try a bit wider audience here to see what comes up.


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