MSMail -> SMTP -> uucp

MSMail -> SMTP -> uucp

Post by Andrew List » Sat, 19 Aug 1995 04:00:00

Hi there.

Our network consists of a PC network running MS mail and a Sun network
running Sendmail 4.1/MHSgate-1.9 (??) and a few UUCP links to staff's home

The trouble occurs when mail from MS mail is sent to the home PC's via
UUCP.  The message reaches the Sun and just seems to sit in the mailq,
with sendmail going hell for leather trying to deliver it.  On several
occasions, it may have caused the mail server on the Sun side to crash.

Has anybody ever seen this behaviour and/or know a solution.

Thanks in advance


PS Please email directly as I don't read this group generally.
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