PHP IMAP->Courier-IMAP problem: imap_expunge()

PHP IMAP->Courier-IMAP problem: imap_expunge()

Post by Stewar » Fri, 10 May 2002 06:52:56

Having trouble with PHP 4.12 using imap_expunge() on a Courier-IMAP 1.4.3
server.  I have a script that reads in email from about 100 mailboxes,
deletes mail, purges deletes via imap_expunge(), and closes the mailbox.
The problem is that this works for some mailboxes but not others, or
sometimes it works on one particular mailbox and later doesn't on the same
mailbox.  When it doesn't, all the mail that was in the "new" Maildir
directory is still in "cur" after imap_expunge().  I also have an
imap_expunge at the very beginning of the script; immediately after
imap_open(), but before imap_check() or imap_fetch_overview().

This is run on a very busy mailserver, and these unpurged "cur" directories
eat up 7 gig of disk.

Anyone have ideas?


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I'm looking for a _good_ IMAP server that supports Maildir/ natively.
Courier-IMAP is the only one I could find, and it's crap. Too slow and
kills the resources on the machine (esp. with something like Pine that
keeps the IMAP session open until you quit).

I dunno about Cyrus or whatever, but don't really want to use that as it's
recommended for machines that aren't usually used for logging in to the

Any advice or recommendations appricated.

Tanuj Shah

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