Domain server stripping 2nd's server's FQDN in "From"

Domain server stripping 2nd's server's FQDN in "From"

Post by Phil Forre » Fri, 20 Sep 2002 17:10:34


I've got what seems like a simple problem, yet I am new enough to
sendmail that I think I am missing a grasp of the terminology to find
my answer in the docs (of which I've read quite a bit).

Basically, I've introduced a new sendmail smtp server in a domain that
already has a perfectly working sendmail server. When the new server
sends mail to accounts on the old server, the old server strips off
the machine name of the new server in the 'From' tag such that a
simple 'Reply' will fail (because it would go to the old server).
However, email sent OUTSIDE of the domain from the new server is
addressed PERFECTLY.

For example:

(Both servers running Solaris 8) is served by the perfectly working server
`` running sendmail-8.11.6

I am introducing a new list server `` that is
configured and running sendmail-8.12.5. This server is working GREAT.

Does anyone know what rule I must include on the OLD server such that
it does not strip out the machine name from the new server?

Thanks if you've gotten this far,


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Hi Folks,

I cannot get sendmail to work properly.  When I use Linuxconf to configure it
and generate the /etc/ file it issues:

Can't compute the domain name of this server.
It won't accept email correctly.
Please enter a fully qualified domain name in the
"Basic host information" screen.

When I check the "basic host information" I have:

Hostname:  VBOX
Adaptor 1:   Primary name + domain:        
Adaptor 2:   Primary name + domain:

Adaptor 1 goes to my cable modem and Adaptor 2 goes to my LAN.

Executing the following commands yield:

hostname            ->  VBOX
dnsdomainname  ->
domainname       ->  

Notice that domainname yields nothing in response (I would have expected
'' here).

Can anyone help me with this?  I'd really like to get sendmail working
properly on this Linux box.

-Thanks in advance for all help.


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